Thursday, December 02, 2010

Are we all aliens?

I don't find it hard to accept that life evolved from something like a single DNA strand or single celled thing all the way into a person.  Way too much evedence to suggest otherwise.  I have however always struggled with how that first DNA strand or single celled thing came into being.   I am sure it did however happen naturally some how and somewhere.   I have often thought it was just about as plausible that it developed elswhere in the universe and ended up here as a cosmic stowaway in commet water or meteor as it was plausible that it happend here on earth since the universe is a lot bigger place with lots of wacky events going on.   Apparently Nasa is going to have a news conference today at 2pm central time to anounce some findings.  I don't think they will be mind blowing but they will likely be relavant to life potentially existing in other parts of the  universe.  

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Heath said...

It is unlikely that we are alone in the Universe. Such a belief feels rooted in same ethnocentrism as the past dogma of a geocentric universe.

If strong evidence of life is discovered elsewhere, how long will it take for people to change their beliefs? It would mean we are no longer special.