Monday, April 20, 2009

WWE comes to pro cycling

Darryl Impey who was in the yellow jersey in the final km of stage 8 of the 45th Presidential Tour of Turkey gets thrown by Theo Bos into the barriers.

From Cycling news "Rabobanks track star Theo Bos who is making the transition to road this year appeared to lose balance and put his right hand on Impey's shoulder causing the crash. No action was taken by the UCI commissaires against Bos for his involvement in the crash." Hmmmm?

If you are crash hungry there are three of them on the video. To see the "loss of balance" check out 3:40 on the video.


queasyfish said...

It really seems like it's on purpose. Here's another video, closer and slo-mo - he's holding on to him for like 5 or 6 pedal strokes.

Jared said...

Great link John. That shows even more of how intentional that assault was. Luckily that was in the last km and on the last day of the tour so he still won the whole thing but wasn't able to be on the podium.