Monday, April 06, 2009

Ride in the Rochester area

Last Thursday and Friday I stayed in Rochester in the Mayo Clinic complex of hospital/hotel/shopping world for a Clinical Suicidology conference. No kid's and off at 4pm equals a nice long exploratory ride along the Zumbro river.

If I am not mistaken I think this is one of the servant homes at the original Mayo Farm. Nice lake/wetland/river on the right and cool old Mayo? Mansion and barn's to the left out of site. A little further down the road my rear wheel needed attention at a picturesque moment.

Rochester reminded me of Washington DC a little in that lots of people who live and work there are not originally from there and they tend to be people at the top of their field at an important point in their careers and lives. Just sort of a Doctor/patient version of DC. The land around town was great for cycling. Nice rolling hills and quiet roads.

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Heath said...

Dig the photos. That lion's eyeballin the Pug. Ironically the verification word is "cattater"