Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As of today Susan and I have been married for 9 great years. Great does not mean free of stress especially when married to me with two small girls. Maya has been a total fuss butt for a few days and Susan like a trooper took her into the Dr. at 8pm last night returning home at 9:30PM to find that she was a fuss butt because she had ear infections in both ears and eye stuff. I thought it might just be allergies. This morning Susan woke Maya up and had to pry her pussed over eyes apart then do a water board imitation when giving her the new antibiotic medication. After this crying spell Susan drove Ella to school and then for the next half hour drove to her mothers home while Maya cried in the back of the van. 20 minutes into this I got a call from my wonderful wife. She said "I am going to kill myself and I just wanted you to know before I do that this all started the day I married you." Full of tact and empathy I suddenly realized it was our aniversary and said "It only gets better each year doesn't it?......" Later today I brought flowers and a card by her work.


queasyfish said...

You are sofa king, we, todd, did - but definitely not evil.

Heath said...

By "we" do you mean you were part of what happened to to Todd on the sofa?

queasyfish said...

I'm willing to bet money that you don't actually get it. - walk around saying it to people for a while ("I am sofa...did")see if you can figure it out. and no fair asking Jared to explain it.

and another thing; for one so in love with the captcha words, do you know that the comment style on your blog - easily the most annoying of the comment styles - doesn't let you see the word until after you hit "publish"?

It's poopid.