Sunday, June 15, 2008

Turkeys used to be Dino's

Ella and I often go for a walk along the trails in our neighborhood in the evening before bed. Here are some pics of the mystery turkey killing we have been following for about a week. The turkey was initially killed and partly eaten. Head and a few parts, thats it. Other things like bugs and who knows what else have taken it down to the point in the pic. Having had a chance to observe turkeys in the last year I now know that they are super paranoid, can fly and would be very hard to catch. At the site no human or other animal tracks are present. My best measurement of the paw print is about 4 1/2 inches by about 4 inches wide. This is huge. Looking at online tracking sites I found that this is much bigger than a coyote which has about 2 1/2 inch tracks. The only dogs with this big of a foot are great dane's, st. bernard's and some basset hounds. None of which live in the area not to mention a dog like this is not likely to catch a wild turkey. What does have this size foot and can catch a wild turkey? A wolf.

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