Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Forest gump commuter

I keep having sightings of this guy before and after work and am fascinated by him. The pic is bad because he runs very fast and I didn't want him to know I was taking his picture. As if driving up slowly behind him to take it is any better. He is not just out for a run he is commuting by running. He is not out solely for fitness and doesn't seem like he financially needs to hoof it to work but rather he is running as a commuting choice. He has a very similar attitude about him that you see in year round bike commuters. A calm, purposeful and efficient style. What you may or may not notice in the pic is that he is in casual yet functional clothes, he has a beard, is wearing a backpack(that doesn't bounce some how) and he is just gliding along with a stride that I have not seen in a runner before. I don't know how long his commute is but I have seen him in locations at least 2 miles apart and suspect his commute is significantly longer. It has taken me two days to get this crappy pic of him and I now have a new appreciation for blogs that have on the street action photos. It is hard to covertly take pics of moving people.

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Mom to Mrs. Bingles and MyMy said...

I am going to wait for him to get mud splashed on his face, wipe it with a t shirt, and say shit happens.