Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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 Christmas with the in-laws on Sanibel Island this year.   I feel very lucky to have such great in-laws.  This Year Vicky made a book for me out of pic's from this blog.  I felt a little bad about not posting for so long after getting it but also inspired to post some more.  Knowing that even a couple people value pics and words is all the motivation I need to keep throwing stuff up.
 I am a little to sucky to feel comfortable golfing with the big kids (Mike and John) so Vic and I went out and had a great time.  We decided to keep score off of our puts only to help with par.
 Uncle Mike did a great job teaching the girls tennis but Maya found in the end that being the ball girl was much more rewarding.  The clay courts are definitely my favorite surface to play on.
 Out on Tarpon Bay in Ding Darling sanctuary we had some dolphin visitors.  This one had his dorsal fin shortened some how.
 Took a trip inside our Sanibel trip to Clearwater (Miami area) and drove over this cool bridge in St. Petersburg?  The destination was an animal rescue facility that has the dolphins from the movie Dolphin Tale
 Maya helping collect plankton to look at on a combo wild dolphin tour/research boat.

 Winter the dolphin needs a new tail every 6 months.  Here is one of the earlier ones.
Ella is sweet.    There is also an Alligator in the pic.  


Heath said...

I'm glad to see you're rolling again. I plan to get mine going too.

queasyfish said...

I'm glad to see your family. Tell us another story.