Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's happening?

58mm Chris King espresso tamper is my first Chris King product.

We had a nice sunset out back of the house a few days ago.

 Picture day last week.  Night before Ella and Maya wanted a pic with my old school pics.
 I did two boils this year and could have done a bunch more.  I got about one and two thirds gallon total.  Second boil yield was a gallon from about 25 gallons of sap.  Took it to 218F.  25 gallons took a little over one full tank of propane.
 I do the majority of the evaporating on the front porch with the turkey frying burner but finish up inside.
 Trees were bursting with sap.

 Getting sap out of the woods is hard when the sap is really flowing.
 A boil pic.

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Vick said...

Hi, Jared,
Again I so enjoyed your posts here. You are such an interesting, creative person.
This last photo of the sap boiling on your porch (right?) has a surreal feel.
Also I can't imagine all the work of tapping the trees, boiling, and bottling the sap. You are teaching your girls how to appreciate the products we see on the grocery shelf. Not that this sap would ever be on a grocery shelf. Totally unique.