Sunday, October 06, 2013

Weekend ride to Carver Park Reserve

 Fall over night bike camp trip was to Carver Park Reserve and started at Q's.  My packing goal this year was to have everything I need to be comfortable and nothing more.  And to get it all in my Revelate style bag system.   No trailer, panniers or  backpack.  The potential for rain and cool weather made this a little harder.   Tent, sleep pad, pillow, cook kit, pot, bowl and tools and tube went in and on the rear Viscacha bag, Front harness held an Event dry bag that contained the sleeping bag, an extra set of clothes and a down vest.   The Pocket Bag on top of the Event in the Sling had wind coat, mittens, gloves, sunglasses, ponch.   Gas tank bag had phone, money, snacks, phone battery charge.  Frame bag (Tangle) had some food, the lock, and lots of room to put clothes I took off and put back on as I rode.
Selfie with the peleton behind.  I felt great the entire trip.   28 miles each way with rain in the evening on day one and on and off rain during the ride on day two. Legs felt strong and gear choices worked well.  Used the Big Agness UL2 tent and Golite 30 degree quilt style sleeping bag.  Weather Spark says the temp got down to 39F.  

 The pannier  boys.  Heath on the long haul trucker.  Steve rode his single speed Gunnar and used a bivey instead of a tent.
 Sean and John used trailers.  Q's REI shower pass rain pants seemed the best lower body solution for the rain.  With the removable lower legs they did not over heat.  Heath's Kelty poncho seemed the best up top.   Good coverage even when riding and lots of ventilation.   My 57 cent fleet farm plastic bag like poncho was made fun of but worked.
 The rain made for a good camp experience since all the people that reserved sites near us did not show up.  The food we purchased in Victoria including 6 kinds of brats, chicken wings, bacon, smoked pork shops and venison steak from Steve's most recent hunting trip was almost as good as the company.  Looking forward to next year already.


Heath said...

your post beat mine by 15 minutes.

Vick said...

HI Jared,

What a great post! I enjoyed your photos, especially of the girls, of course! But also the spirit and good will of your blog. Can't believe that kale!
Thanks for sharing.