Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some summer 2013 things to remember

 Ella, Maya, Elvin and Millie and Mazy having some smores.

 National night out ended with a storm that made a nice sunset.

 Went bike camping with Maya, Heath and Harris down at Sakatah Lake State Park
 Rented the 50 person site for $50 to ensure we would have a spot.  Maya did great even though we had to ride on and over a few dangerous road conditions.

She carried her sleeping bag, a poncho and the marsh mellows for smores.  

 Heath's long haul trucker
 Harris's bike.
 Surly junk strap poncho belt.
 Girls found a turtle, each of them put a little nail polish on its back for future identification and released it into the pond next to the house.  I bet the otter thing that lives down there will eat it.
 Ella was an acrobat and a horse in her Dragon Fly theater production.
 Ella wanted a rainbow theme to her 10th birthday party.
 Susan came through.  It actually has a purple layer on the bottom that you can not see well in this pic.
Maya got to meet her kindergarten teacher yesterday.  We have a party at our home tonight for all the kids in our neighborhood that are starting kindergarten this year.   I can think of 5 or 6 that will come for sure and think their may be double that many.  


Death Rider said...

Hey Jared, looks like you had a good trip down to Sakatah Lake , I just wanted to get back to you about your question on the North Shore rivers. I've been going up there for so many years it's just been a natural progression to start exploring them further than what you see from the road. Access is easy and nearly every one is a designated trout stream so it's perfectly legal to walk up or down them whether or not there is private land on either side. Usually if I see a sign, which I haven't, I don't enter an area. Also a good portion of the north shore and the area inland is national forest,state forest or state park, which gives a vast amount of freedom for camping exploring and just goofing off.hope this answers your question and I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner. PS we should get together and go adventuring Later D Rider

Jared said...

Thanks for the info Josh. A future adventure sounds great.