Thursday, May 16, 2013

I found a new home for the Wei Wu Wei bike

 I have not had need or been riding this bike for a few years and have been wanting to give this bike to a person who will use it, love it and need it.  This is much more appealing than keeping it (which means storing it) or selling it for a small amount of money.
 I have a 5'7" female coworker who is both car free and in need of a ride for her urban pursuits.

 Lao Tzu has the answer.  I wasn't sure if I could scrunch the bike down to her size but it fits her great and with the fenders, light and upright position I think it will be a great tool to get her around town.

 Conti Top touring 2000 tires make it roll super fast.
 This was my first real bike back in 1989 or was it 1990.  It started as a Specialized Stumpjumper.  Only original part on it is the frame itself.  Even the fork got changed out in the early 90's after a failed attempt to ride down the Highland park ski jump landing hill.  Most of the places I ride off road in the twin cities area were first discovered and explored on this bike.
I will miss it and at the same time am very happy to find a good home where it will likely be ridden often.  


Heath said...

Sweet bike! Looks great in the photos.

queasyfish said...

I realize that I’m breaking you and Heath’s bland, positive comments only policy, but don’t you think you might have been happier taking the goofy bars and cheap fenders off and “storing” it on your wall as a memory-filled piece of art? Rather than giving it to someone who doesn't value bicycles enough to even own one?

Jared said...

Q, thanks for caring about what would make me the most happy. The current parts were put on the day before I gave it away to make the bike fit her body and riding needs as best I could with what I had available. I really like how it turned out and am very proud of it. She has recently had her bike stolen and has health issues reducing her financial freedom. I seriously contemplated keeping it as memory art but decided that others need for this bike was more important to me than keeping it. By letting things like this go I free myself up to allow other good things to enter my life.

Chilly ET said...

Always loved that bike.