Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Maya kind of Weekend

The rain kept us mostly inside this weekend.   Bluff Creek got a bit bigger.  Wetlands are a good thing.

Ella was with  friends much of the weekend so Maya made most of my pics.  Here she is drying some dill.  
She got a stuffed dog from her grandparents.  Named it Loona and sets it facing her room door to keep her safe at night from things like a fox.  

With a dog who loves to scratch at sheet rock and 5 years in our house we had a bunch of dog damage, small dents, holes and a few screw heads to take care of with joint compound.  Maya was surprisingly good at this somewhat tricky task and filled a bunch of holes by herself not to mention all of the sanding after it dried.  I am a big fan of my Maya.

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Heath said...

Yeah for Maya!