Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maya on the Moon

 Took the Moonlander to a large area that has had a bunch of earth movers working it into a future neighborhood.  It kind of looked like the surface of the Moon.

I have no idea why Maya was making these cute faces from wonderment, to concern to terror.  Perhaps it is the lack of gravity or oxygen here on the Moon.  
Fear not Maya I have a Moonlander to ride over this barren surface.  Well yea Maya you will have to walk.  But I with my Moonlander will be floating over this rough surface in efficient comfort, safety and style.   Maya's inferior bipedal locomotion proved no match on this lunar landscape.  She was quickly dropped.  


queasyfish said...

So what's the update at this point? You can only have one fat bike, which one is it and why?

Jared said...

At this point the moonlander is the winner on off trail exploration stuff and does not feel any slower on luce line kind of trail or the road. I have yet to ride it on Murphy like trails however and that will be the real test for summer. I think it will be significantly better on snow. If I could have only one fat bike it would be a moonlander. That being said I think a pugs is 90 as much bike and likely better at some things. I am not sure the extra cost of the moonlander is really justified in performance improvement over a pugsley. "performance improvement" is not really the right word. It is really about being able to ride the most varied surfaces in the most remote places and the moonlander gives me that little bit more.

queasyfish said...

Nice, good to know thanks. How do you think the neck-romancer would fit in?