Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Ride I Reken

 Took the Reken out for what may be a last ride this evening.  With any luck I will be selling it in the near future.  Explored a Minnesota Nature area in South Chan just north of Shakopee and the Minnesota river.  Basically near the point the LRT south trail ends at the MN river.   The area was developed some time in the past and had some remains of a dam below that I suppose had this whole wetland area turned into a lake long ago.  I also found a lot of granite remains some polished as if grave stones were made here.   If you look closely someone has dropped one of the granite pieces down into the dam and broke it.  I love stumbling upon areas like this while out doing daily tasks.  Having a bike in the car helps make these unexpected rides possible.

Last shot is the back yard farm.  It always seems to hold still for pics which is part of why I film it so often.

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