Monday, April 16, 2012

Phone pic dump

This is Maya being me when she is in trouble.  

I really enjoyed making and eating this chicken parmigiana. 

Bone pile I rediscovered in some woods near the house while looking for early morels.

Ella and Mazy on a Louisville Swamp hike to some not super old ruins.  

The new Gran Bois tires did well on the ride around MPLS and to Artcrank.  Sadly even with a giant trailer I managed to crunch my poster.  The trail system, bodies of water and parks in the metro area are amazing.   They also appear to be used by more people than ever.  

Mazy got her baby making parts cut out.  She is mostly very proud of her collar and will actually bring it to me to put it on her at times.  Much better side vision than a cone.  

Easter was fun.

Looking for a good hossenfeffer recipe.

Saw cool stuff riding along the Red River in Fargo.  Really like riding on river banks with the Pugsley.

Took the girls to the Dead Zoo (Cabella's) on the way back from Fargo.  

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