Sunday, April 29, 2012

I got married 12 years ago today.

Wife's gift helps confirm it was a good choice.  Thanks for the purchase help Heath.  

 I had fully accepted that a Moonlander was not going to happen this year and had been putting effort into making the Pugsley the best it can be.  Husker Du tires and bags all around.  Feels a little like I am cheating on the Pug's but I will get over it.
 I need more rides on the Moony to know if it will be my do everything bike the pugs was becoming or if I will want it primarily as my flotation bike for snow and sand.
 The bike is art.  It is lighter than my Pugsley and the 28mm rear offset is really weird looking in person.
 The sparkle paint is cool.  Cool the way your bachelor uncles 1980's sparkle paint speed boat was cool.
The Easter Island pic is here because it goes well with the pic before, it is really big and heavy like a Moonlander and it also kicks ass.   


queasyfish said...


SeanH said...

Any doubts that your wife is awesome are now gone.

Heath said...

She got you a moai too!

Jared said...

Thanks guys. Heath what is a moai?