Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Iditatrod Trail Invitational

Starts this weekend Feb 26 2pm Alaska time.  Some good links here to see the roster of racers, see better maps and photos of the course and learn about the rules.  I am pretty sure this will be the link when it starts to follow the race.  Basically you can just follow when people reach each checkpoint.

map of Iditarod Trail
People I will follow in addition to whoever is in the lead include Jeff Oatey, Peter Basinger, Jeff and Peter are two of the best ever.  Louise Kobin is the female record holder to McGrath (the 350 mile race), Tim Hewitt broke the record walking to Nome (1100 miles) last year in 20 days.  Just 3 days short of the bikes, Geoff Roes foot racer (Jill Homers old boyfriend), Beat Jegerlehner foot racer (Jill Homers current boyfriend)  ooooo! imagine the tension.  Ok they are likely friends but still its an angle on the race.   

Some people walk or ski the 350/1100 miles
runners approaching Rainy Pass
Lot's of snow this year is the report.  


Heath said...

Walking 50+ miles a day for 20 days is intense. Any idea of what they use for footwear?

Jared said...

I think they use snow shoes for the great majority of walk/run. I haven't looked into the specific kind of boot however. Jill H. just finist Sustana 100 mile race doing the run/walk thing in I think 35 hours. See her blog for a pick of her legs/feet after only 100 miles. You have to scroll down a bit.