Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best coffee I have roasted in about a year.

Honduras Cup of Excellence -Finca Ovidio
With only 15 hours of rest this is already proving to be a fantastic roast.  Sadly I was keeping it for a special event since it is a cup of excellence winner and a little pricey.  Now I know I love it and it is all gone.  A special event in this case turned out to be no more other coffee to roast. 
The first crack was so quiet I was into a rolling second crack before I  figured out what was going on.  I couldn't figure out why first crack was so late and sounded just like second crack.  Looking back I actually had a pretty good roast and hit most time/temp marks as I would have wanted.  Ideally I would have pulled this roast just before second.  The beans are just a tiny bit darker on the front end of the taste in the cup than I would like.  Otherwise this roast turned out great.  I love this coffee.  

Tom's cupping wheel tells the tale with high numbers in all areas.  Balanced but not boring.  

For Tom's write up go here

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Heath said...

I have some good beans from my last order too.