Monday, January 30, 2012


 This is David "Thunder" Smith.  He is the person that gave me the idea that I could roast my own coffee.  He spends some time in Negril Jamaica and I got to know him on our honeymoon in 2000.  These are recent pic's I got after I friended him on Facebook.  How I face book friended David who I think spends his time in the Red Ground area without electricity or plumbing or WiFi I don't exactly know.  I am just glad I some how did.  (Thanks Marty)
 What I do know is that last time I was with him he climbed a Mango tree next to another friends land, Rasta Pete, and made the best juice I can remember drinking.  He also roasted some coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica over a fire like the above pic's show.   A short time later at home I found green coffee at Bill's imported foods and copied what I saw.  I moved on to old air popcorn poppers to roast and now to a steel drum on a rotisserie in a gas BBQ grill to allow for larger batches.  
 I see David did the same.  Kind of.
 Rasta's I have had the pleasure to know have not only been great people but also great capitalists.  But don't tell them that.
Thanks again Thunder.  

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Heath said...

Great post. Just as I imagined the story.