Friday, January 20, 2012

My trip to Florida

Went to Sanibel island with the family to visit the inlaws and see Susan's youngest brother Mike get wed to the very wonderful Shelly. 

I took a bunch of pics of my favorite subjects and could not pic my favorite so you get them all.   

Ella carried the rings and Maya forgot to toss the flowers.  

With Cousin Lucia

I think Maya's grimace kind of smile looks a little gangsta.

  After the wedding Susan and I took an express ferry to Key West to meet the Icelanders.  Other than these boats the morning we left I forgot to take pics of some of the other cool stuff on the trip so I just borrowed them from the web.

Things I liked about Key West  include chickens all over, six toed Hemingway cats and an open gay community.  

I went paddle boarding and loved it.  It was easier and more efficient than I thought it would be.  Kind of like going for a walk on water.  My board was a lot bigger than the one in this pic.  
Once back on Sanibel I got to watch a giant dead Manatee wash up onto shore.  I touched it.  The scene kind of looked like the pic below except my manatee did not have a head.  


queasyfish said...

But you hugged him anyway right? Nice. Good girl pics.

Jared said...

Thanks Q. It was less of a hug and more of a Tom Green Moose kind of thing.