Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My little Alien

Each of my girls have gone through many stages on their way to becoming fully human. For example when Maya was just born she was kind of in a larval stage. Not too much quality interaction back and forth . At about one Maya was like having the worlds best parrot. Not a ton of thoughts going on but she could copy actions and words better than a good parrot. At about 2 Maya started to get really fun. She entered the helper monkey stage. She would act goofy like a monkey, she loved to follow simple commands like to get a "dipe and a wipe," and she loved to do tricks. Best part about her helper monkey stage versus a real monkey is that she threw poop far less often than a real monkey. Maya is now entering a new stage. She now seems more like a friendly naive alien who is ready for me to start explaining this world to her. I love the way each day she asks many questions about the world and why people act the way they do. People often say the annoyingly cliche statement that "kids are like a sponge" absorbing all kinds of info at this age but I am not so sure with my little alien. When I go back to ask her to repeat the answers I have carefully taught my little alien like, "Maya what color traffic light means we can drive safely?" her most frequent response is "Harris." Her cousin. I do however feel a special responsibility to teach her the customs and ways of the human race she is entering more and more each day.

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