Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Now in order for me to appreciate these bikes I needed more than an extremely liberal book about evolution to put in the rack. I needed to accept the idea that you can’t have the bike out from a rack for more than 30 minutes. Even though the late return time charge is very small for the first hour or so if I remember right. How could I go to dinner or even to a bike shop in under a half hour was my this is going to fail thinking. That is until I started to view these bikes less as the bicycles I own and more like a transport device that takes you from one station to the next station closest to my destination. It is a fun tool to bridge two stations and nothing more. To see it otherwise would be like expecting the city bus to wait for you while you shopped. With this new attitude and the realization that the racks are conveniently placed all over town it becomes an attractive option for travel. If I lived near the down town area and got to know where the racks were it would be faster and more convenient to use the Nice Ride then it would be to get your bike out, make sure it is in working order, and mess with locking it up at each destination. If I worked downtown or was a U of M student I would park on the street just out of down town and take a Nice Ride to my office. Plus at lunch I could use a Nice Ride to open up eating options or to do errands quickly and easily.

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queasyfish said...

Oh good, I was hoping there were words with the story. Interesting thoughts about the process, and processes in general. I'll have to give it a try some time, I see people riding them everywhere.