Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three blogs I like

I am fascinated with how my brother Heath's blog, my friend John's blog and my blog each match our personalities.
My blog tends to match my Extroversion with posts about cycling, celebrities dieing, and things outside of me I find on the net.
John's blog matches his general Introversion with posts about his family,His feet,
And his mind.
And finally Heath's blog tends to match his Nerdoversion with posts about water spigots.
What did I title this post again?


vicky lettmann said...

Hi Jared,
After seeing you tonight at Ella's T-Ball and hearing you talk about blogs, I wanted to visit yours again. I come here often, but don't always post a reaction. But I want you to know how fascinating your blog is and full of interesting insights. I like seeing these other blogs from Heath and John too.
Keep up the good, creative work. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it, but doesn't always tell you.
Your favorite mother-in-law,

Jared said...

Thanks Vic it really motivates me to post more often when I hear positive feedback. Actually it doesn't need to be positive feed back to motivate me but rather just any thoughtful reaction to what I present or create. And finally you really are my favorite mother in law. Thank you for all your love and care for your family and ours. Jared