Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New search engine

Microsoft has a new search engine called bing that is a very refreshing alternative to Google. Seems fast the search results seem less influenced by site sponsors.


Heath said...

I've been using it tonight. I like that you get multiple images on one page. I also like the video feature. I was hoping some of the images on the maps were more up to date, but they're at least as new as googles.

I also saw my first commercial for Bing tonight.


Jared said...

Heath my house images are way more up to date. They have a Google earth equivalent that works pretty good including a Birdseye view feature that will show me a pic from at least three different sides of my house. Higher up camera angle than googles street view but three pics of each location.

GFource said...

Funny, before you posted this, one of the first places I looked on Bing was your house, to see how up to date the pictures are. Much better than google maps and googleearth.