Monday, October 06, 2008

U of M Landscape Arboretum trip today

A pretty berry tree. Or as Heath calls unknown berry trees. "Deadnbury" trees.

A bunch of pretty flowers.

Ya like my hair?

Ella posing with a stick she said she planned to take home and "sleep with in my bed."

The Arboretum had a bunch of tree related art installments on the grounds. Here is part of a big leaf hammock and chair installment.

These last two pics are in the "weeping tree" area of the arboretum. They are not topiary/purposefully shaped plants. I however see an elephant and a dog.


dippy said...

I like the deadnbury photo, it looks like a money painting on my cell phone, or maybe I need to clean the makeup off my screen.

auntiedippy said...

Stupid autotext, not money, Monet