Monday, October 06, 2008

I love pumpkin/squash seeds done right. Problem is I cook them differently each time and cook them really well about every third time and forget how I did it by the next time I do it. Solution: blog it so I can look it up again. These little beauties came from an acorn squash Ella and I enjoyed a few days ago. I decided to make the seeds while convection baking the squash at 325 degrees this time. I sprayed a small toaster oven pan with olive oil then spread out the seeds in in the pan and sprayed them with the same oil. I took them out and stirred, turned over and salted them about four times in the next hour. I stopped cooking them when they were a little more brown than seemed right. They came out perfect. Like a whole bowl of the best little unpopped popcorn kernels.

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