Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom is sick

Part of my blog slow down has been related to my mother being very ill but now getting better in a Park Rapids MN hospital for the last few weeks. I don't want to share too much about her illness here but do want to share some pics around the scene. Wimpy's is the place I ate breakfast at each day there. It has good food cooked by some one who seems like a good grandma and it has a great bathroom that does not show up well in cell phone pics. Also here is a pic of Troy's trailer that Troy has not been in for years? While driving to Troy's lake lot Heath and I went to the local county fair. Here we saw an odd looking collection of fat white people. After leaving the mirror room we went to the tractor/truck pull contest and saw fat white people even freakier than us. Once back at Troy's trailer it took a few beers and a camp fire to get me relaxed enough to dare sleep on the couch hoping mice and spiders would not see me as new prey. Once in the trailer we found that the neighbor boys had turned his trailer into a little arsenal. Note the cannon, gun powder and fuse wire in one pic. In the next a potato gun and multiple air guns. Troy by the way is currently in China at the great wall mart adopting a 2 year old boy. They don't have a name yet but in the running are Cody, Socks, Richard, and Hot Carl.

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heath said...

We were two of those fat white people. Also, I get the name thing for your nephew. Like the dog. It's like buying runbrellas from the Greatwallmart.