Sunday, February 08, 2015

Some things with pics

 Maya received a guitar from my mother for Christmas.  This is her first attempt at holding it.  Apparently she has not watched enough rock music being played.
 Susan is out of town this entire past week.  Seemed like a good reason to throw a clothes folding party.
 New seat bag for the Moonlander.  Revelate Ermine.  Smaller, lighter and more simple than my big one.  I hope to leave it on the bike and use it all year unless I need the bigger volume of my Viscacha.
 The girls have done great at helping out around the house while Susan is away.  Maya found out that her hat can function as a disco ball.
 She has a lot of homework.
 We did a night walk with Mazy and played boot hockey with a rock on Bluff Creek.  
 Mazy is a creative relaxer.
 Maya decided yesterday that she wanted to have some glasses as a fashion item.  She used her own money and bought them in the Eden Prairie mall at Claires.  She is aware that they are gigantic but  said she wanted them to be like a female character she likes from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

I am very proud of my girls.  This morning they told me to stay out of the kitchen and made breakfast by themselves.  And Maya is still wearing the glasses.