Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Paul Bunyan State Forest

 I have decided I like state forests a lot more than state parks and Paul Bunyan seems like a good state forest.  State forests seem to have few if any facilities and you can camp most anywhere.
 To hall gear I used a Pulk sled and Heath used his back.
 We set up camp and went to bed but then had to pack back up in the night and make our way  out of the forest because I was not able to stay warm for some reason.  I suspect my thyroid med's are not working right since our gear and a past experience suggest this is very doable.   -20F and getting colder while in a relatively remote location meant that I was not willing to try and tough it out.  Heath was super cool about being woken up to pack up and leave in the night.  I feel bad about it.
No pics of the escape but the moonless night mixed with the super dry air made for stunning star gazing as we marched out of the woods.  


SeanH said...

Did you warm up while you were hiking out?

Jared said...

Yea with activity I was able to keep a pretty normal temp. I was never that cold but with a chance of it getting down to -30 below and being as isolated as we were it was not worth staying up all night to stay warm. I experienced a weird claustrophobic feeling that is not common to me. Having trouble staying warm that far from help in the dark at those extreme temps was unnerving. Especially since I have practiced at similar temps and should have been pleanty warm.

SeanH said...

You obviously made the right call.

queasyfish said...

The important thing is that you feel bad about it.

Jared said...

You know me well John.