Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MLK day fatpacking

Heath and I watched the end of the late playoff football game on Sunday night then took off at about 9pm for about an 1hr 45minute ride from my house down south west along the MN river.  It was bed time once we got set up.  Heath slept in an Alpine Bivy I slept in my Direkt 2 tent.  The Direkt 2 is really warm and I like to have a free standing tent in the snow.  

 We slept in a marsh like area with these stick trees all around.  Blocked the wind well.  This is a perfect spot for winter camping that would be impossibly buggy and wet in the summer
A rare pic with me actually in it.  Didn't see a single snowmobile on the trail either day.  

 We should have taken the time to eat a real breakfast before our return ride.  There is a lot of up hill coming out of the Minnesota river valley and I would have been much stronger if I had eaten.  Still made good time and really enjoyed the ride.  

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