Monday, December 16, 2013

Pic/story dump

 Maya really really wanted to know what she looks like when she is asleep and gave me permission to turn the light on for a good pic.  Like everyone who sees what they look like asleep she was a little disappointed.  She is really starting to read better each day.  Hop on Pop is her go to book and she can read much of it.  Today out of the blue from the back of the car she says "Dad if you take the b off of beast is it east?"  
 Q got a new Necro Pug.  Rode from 35w to Cedar.  Sunny, 0 degrees and perfectly packed snow.   I love the creative paths that develop in the winter.   It is a whole new trail compared to the summer version.  
 Maya has a hard time reaching the sink to wash her hands.  She is a creative little chimp.
 Maya announced while playing dress up the other day that she was a princess.  While asking her questions about it she made it clear that she was not the kind of princess I was talking about but rather.."I am the kind of princess who walks around all day and takes pictures with little kids."

 Ella had her first choir concert.  She was excited and nervous in a wonderfully human kind of way.  I got to meet and briefly talk with her three best friends from school who all seem like great kids.  I am often amazed at the lack of drama in her friend relationships.  Especially since Ella said "we are all like sisters."
 Slept out on the coldest night this year.  AM temp was 15 below zero Fahrenheit.   This is the new warranty direkt 2 tent after the first one proved to be less than waterproof.  No chance to try this one in the rain.  It works great in the cold.

 Front yard pic of a nice sun dog.

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