Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pic dump of things likely only of interest to me but who knows.

 Bluff Creek is ready for skating.
 Ice was so clear in person it looked like we were levitating over the bottom.
 Maya helping me label some coffee bags.   She loves having jobs like this to do.
 Ella's submission for an invention convention at school.   Dog harness/flag to help find your dog in tall grass.
Mazy and I made a pre winter final visit to the tap-able maple trees that I identified last summer.   Mazy had a great time making the Turkeys fly from tree to tree.  About 20 of them were nested down about 40 feet up in the trees and some how thought Mazy was a danger.  I suppose Racoons might be something that could get them up there.  Very cool to see a bunch of giant turkeys flying  over head in the forest.
 When I see trees with light like this I first think of Charles Beck wood cuts and then I think of Jackson Pollock paintings.  It would be interesting to do a painting in a Pollock like pouring/dripping style to mimic the mess of overlapping trees.  Maybe five, maybe 10 or more layers of trees starting with the back ones and overlapping towards the front.

 Got to see the new HED Carbon rim's at Trail Head in Champlin and again at the Angry catfish.  They are light and stupid expensive.  Don't seem very refined at all.  No lip on the rim is interesting.  
 Ella is a very good pretend Vet.  Googly eye transplant on the deer and she fabricated a new ear for the little dog and then implanted it.  Mazy's stuffed animal attacks are keeping her in business.
 Back yard camping in the cold with Ella.  Not sure who was more excited.

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