Monday, July 15, 2013

North Shore Trip

Trip to Duluth and North Shore with most of our time at Blue Fin Bay.   This first pic is just to remind future me to stay in cabin 69A.  We apparently got lucky and called just when the owner opened it up for the time we needed.  It is furnished nicely and is on the end so you have great views of the lake.  It is also close to the outdoor pool, Coho Cafe and the little General store.
We saw a cool moth.  Luna moth?
While leaving in my car just after a ride on some remote trails  this big wolf crossed the road right in front of me.  He then dropped his head and stared up at me through the brush for a while before running off into the woods.  This is a terrible pic of his hind quarters.   If you could see it the head is on the right.  
While driving to the Trestle Inn for lunch we also saw the biggest black bear I have ever seen.  Looked like a grizzly bear wearing a black bear costume.  It also ran away.   All the wild life we saw on the trip looked remarkably healthy for some reason.   Big in size, healthy fur and lively behavior.  

One of the hikes we did was up around Oberg Mountain.  I love the views found on that hike.  On a later day I decided to try to ride the Cross Country Ski loop next to Oberg Mountain on the  Moonlander.  It was a super fun, memorable boggy death march kind of ride.  My Cardio Trainer app says I was out for 95 minutes and covered 3.3 miles.  That is about a half hour per mile.  

This pic is a big part of my slow speed.  The trail would look normal but was liquid mud just under the surface.  Very weird especially since I was climbing much of the ride.  Kept thinking I would climb out of the wet but never did.  Lots of big moose tracks around but didn't get to see one.
More pics along the ride.
Should have used the bud and lou wheels.
Ferns are surprisingly easy to ride over.

Trestle inn is a fun drive up a little ways from the lake.  Both times we have been to it we have seen our best wild life in the area.  They are isolated enough that they have no phone so cash only.  They do however have satellite based free wifi.
Back side of Oberg Mountain.  In the pics above I tried to ride around this lake but only made it less than half way.
Lots of fog on the trip kept the temps very comfortable.

That sail boat is part of the Blue Fin Bay world of activities and is actually quite large even though it looks like a floating toy.


queasyfish said...

Bud and Lou - I was going to say, you've got those tiny little tires on there. Surprisingly soft, was that sinking low or high on the hill?

Jared said...

Bud and Lou would have done much better. The quick sand kind of mud over normal looking trail was consistently present at all elevations. Very weird. I am so excited for your potential moonlander I put bud and lou back on and have a 180mm disc ready to go.

SeanH said...

I may not have a fatbike, but I have that same waterbottle.