Thursday, February 14, 2013

A few things

Ride last night with Heath along the Minnesota on the North side from 35W to Cedar.  Temp was likely just above freezing since we had a mix of snow and sleet.  Trails were fantastic.  Fast, twisty and fun.  The picks make it look much darker than it actually is with our big boy lights.  1000 lumen is more light than I needed and used less much of the time.

 I love the rapidly changing shadows of the trees as you ride at night.   The white snow gives a perfect contrast to these moving and changing shadows that often have me thinking I saw an creature.   Trails in winter change and evolve with each snow and with each riders chosen line.   I much prefer this organic development to the some of the overly managed trails in summer.
 A friendly LED on the back of my Magicshine light turns from green to blue to yellow to red telling me how much juice I have in the battery.

 On a completely unrelated note.  It is valentines day.  A few days ago Maya and I assembled the valentines day cards for her Chan Elementary preschool class.  Maya wrote her name and "friend" on about 30 cards. We then attached candy and either pencils or little bracelets.  Maya was extremely proud that she could spell friend by the end of the card making.  I continue to mix up the i and e.
 Big annual book fare thing at the Chan high school.  Maya loves to hug characters like this one.  I can only assume it is an awkward looking cousin of Grover.

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