Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maah Daah Hey is on my mind

Heath,our father Howard and I had a great trip out to western ND to ride the Maah Daah Hey trail last June.  
 We planned to ride much of the 100 mile north end of the trail.  About 25 miles a day between each camp site.    
Although we had great fun the trip was a total failure in terms of actually riding the Maah Daah Hey.  It rained some every day turning the trail into a mixture of peanut butter and Crisco.  We did not get to ride even one mile of the actual trail.  
 Instead we did a bunch of sight seeing and short rides on gravel and a road that was closed after being washed out by rain.
 These are some cannonball concretions we saw.  I keep thinking about the trip and have become increasingly agitated about our failure.  I plan to go back this summer to do it right.  Heath sounds like he is in the same boat.  Howard? any one else?  Who's with me! Maah Daah Hey! Maah Daah Hey! Maah Daah Hey!

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Heath said...

I'm already packed.