Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was just thinking about some of the most memorable bikes I have ever ridden.  Not my favorite bikes necessarily but most memorable and why. 

The list includes :

1994 Breezer Jet stream-In about 1994 Q and I went out bike testing and rode what I think was a 1994 Breezer Jet Stream from Steve's Bennetts shop.  If I could I would go back in time, buy that bike and be still riding it today.  It was the most lively, fun, fast feeling bike I have ridden.  I remember feeling like it was so light (22lb?).  It felt like you could bunny hop a mile. 

Surly Pugsely-  This one is memorable because of that first experience of going from mushy tire feeling road surface to suddenly feeling like you are floating and accelerating when you get off road. 

Ibis Bow Tie- The suspension was so smooth on this being that it had no pivot.  Again a test ride session with Q but this time at some ski resort like buck hill. 

A Tall bike- I think it was one of Q's.  The feeling once up was that of wanting to wave to all the people below like you are suddenly in a parade. 

1986 Trek 2000- My first ten feet of riding this bike sold me on cycling again in an instant.  I had never been on a real road racing bike and I could not believe how fast and responsive a bike could be.  Thanks Chip. 

Am I forgetting any memories?  What are your most memorable (not necessarily favorite) bikes you have ridden?


Heath said...

I remember riding Jared's purple Klein into curbs. I was shocked how the bike would absorb the bump. I also remember feeling the comfort of Ringet's Quickbeam.

queasyfish said...

As far as riding that Breezer today, do you think it would feel the same with the necessary 8 inch steer tube extension? Old school steel yes, but mid-90's-modern "racing" geometry too.

C'mon Heath, that Klein sucked - it was the whole reason that everything bad that ever happened to Jared after that, happened. Except for climbing of course, right? :)

I remember really liking the power-transfer "immediacy" of the Ritchey single speed that was my first SS. I knew then that the simplicity of one gear was for me. Now I have three.

I remember the first day with the RM at Lutsen - I went from looking ten feet in front of the bike, to scanning the forest-horizon for the next distant turn or bump.

I remember the tall bikes too - especially the one that collapsed while I slowly and drunkenly rolled by talking to you guys. Good thing I had the full-face on.

I'd have to mention the new Madone's mid-cadence instant-acceleration and seemingly-effortless pedaling too, but I think I've talked about that recently already.

But mostly I remember the Fall of 1997 in the sloping alley behind the old St.Louis Park Erik's. Riding back and forth, swooping though the natural valley behind the shop, each time going a little further into the rougher gravel and tall weeds. Each time being amazed how little different it felt from the run before. The green bike sucking it up and bouncing back for more.

Jared said...

Q, I think the biggest memory killer with the Breezer would be my big boy weight now. I am sure what felt like perfect steel at 160 lb's would feel like a wet noodle at my current weight. I also think Heath is talking about the memory of his first experience of my Marzoochi fork more than endorsing the Klien in general.