Friday, June 04, 2010

Traditional Archery Shoot

I think this is a real archery target but not one likely to be at the 20th Annual Rapids Archery Club shoot on June 19 and June 20.  You will however likely find John, Heath, Steve and I.  Come one come all.  Bring sun screen, lower leg covering, cash, a hat and plenty of free hours to do the course at a relaxed pace.  Three sets of 20 life size three dimensional targets.  North American route, Minnesota route and I don't remember if the third is African or just international animals.  I don't remember shooting at any polar bears.  I love shooting the lion.   Now I just need to get some arrows and my string working.  Link to the clubs calander.


queasyfish said...

Hey, I was just reading though some of your '08 and '07 posts. I feel like when we used to weld 531 frames into tall bikes, because they were everywhere, and now there are none.

queasyfish said...

I think if I go at all, it's going to be Sunday.