Friday, April 30, 2010

My new toy

I am only about two hours in to playing with my HTC Incredible phone that came in the mail yesterday but am already pleasantly suprised that it is surpasing my very high expectations.  My LG dare I had previously seems like it was just a phone and camera with an unimpressive touch screen.   This phone is the first phone I have had that feels like it could really be my do everything mobile device.  The telephone part of it seems to go from its primary function to just one of many ways I can interact and experience the world.  Of course I know that after only two hours of using it to imply it is some kind of wonder device is a little silly.  I can however say that I no longer covet my wifes Iphone. 


queasyfish said...

Just read the engadget review, that looks pretty freaking sweet. 8 gig internal memory and 8 mp camera? - nice. It mentioned something about downloads not being able to see the internal memory though, so may have to use your microSD if you need that.

Coincidentally, earlier today, I stumbled across some conversations about how to use Android for tethering (using it as an internet connection for your laptop), very interesting.

Heath said...

Are you back to your old number?