Friday, November 20, 2009

11-19-09 dirt road ride

The white lines with red dots (in the lower left corner on the first pic) is the route I took. 

I left work a couple of hours early yesterday to ride some dirt/gravel roads and crushed limestone like trails by my house.  Ever since getting my cyclocross bike I have been looking for quiet country dirt roads and am pleasantly surprised to find this one so close to my house.  Thank you google earth.   I didn't see pavement or a car until the very end of my hour long ride.  I did however see 6 big turkeys fly higher and longer than I have ever seen turkeys fly.  They must have flown at least 50 feet high and a hundred meters long up into some trees.  Lesson of the day is that country roads are steep hilly roads compared to near by paved examples.  I need lower gears or a lower body weight. 


Heath said...

105 long cage and a 12/34 would have you climbing up almost any hill. Gears are good, and good gears are great. "Spin low sweet chariot."

queasyfish said...

Oh ya? - two of my bikes have 24 gears, and I've used all of them. That's 48 gears!