Monday, October 12, 2009

New Chicago Kimchee

I have been searching for a good Kimchee for the last three years after finishing a great container of it and assuming I would remember the brand.  I didn't remember it and as a result I have wasted a lot of cabbage in my search for a great Kimchee.  I found a Kimchee I like as much or more on Saturday in the Wonderland of Asian Delights....Heath's fridge.  Big jar, cheap price and a wonderful Kimchee experience.  So I looked the company up on the internets and found it is a small deli in Chicago.  A Yelp reviewer said, "I walk by this store every day and noticed that they do make the kimchi in the store.  I've seen boxes upon boxes of Napa cabbage piled high inside.  The woman who works there is usually busy picking through the cabbage, preparing it for kimchi"  Could the Kimchee found in the Wonderland of Asian Delights I found have been made by this same woman carefully picking through the napa cabbage?  Is she why it tastes so good?
The person below is one of the coowners of New Chicago Kimchee.  Since it is very small and I assume the other owner is her husband I have to believe she is the maker of the Kimchee.  The store is apparently quite small. How do they procuce enough Kimchee to be found as far away from Chicago as the Wonderland of Asian Delights?

New Chicago Kimchee
3648 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

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Heath said...

OOOO. OOOO. I have that Kimchee.