Friday, September 04, 2009

Yike Bike

The YikeBike is a 22lbs, super portable electric penny farthing?/recumbent?/Segway killer that folds up in about 15 seconds. It has headlights in the hand holds and brake/turn lights in the back. It currently can go only 6 miles on a charge but only needs 30minutes to charge. In what I assume is an attempt to get it to be made legal to use in England it is electronically limited to just under 13 miles per hour. The portability of this seems to be the best benefit over an electric bike or segway. You could fly with it and bring it inside whereever you went with it. It isn't for sale yet but I think the concept of an ultra portable electric personal transport device is very appealing. This yikebike made me realize that in addition to dorks owning them a big reason why Segway's are not more popular is the relative lack of options for storing it when you get to a destination. It can't freely be taken in or left out side but future generations of this sort of yikebike sure could. This link takes you to their website and has video of people using it.

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