Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Minnecycle Event

Boy am I glad to get a new post up. I am as sick as anyone else of looking at that dumb jacket post just prior to this. It was interesting the first few seconds I saw it but now it is just dumb and annoying. Must be why you don't see more of those jackets out and about.

This Minnecycle Event may be old news to some but to me it is old news I just remembered. I want to go this weekend. Friday seems like it will be to busy. Might be fun to try to combine a ride from Q's house to the event on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. He could feed and beverage us also. This is getting to sound better all the time. This is were Heath can find his dream touring bike. Of course at the custom bike price he will only be able to afford a $99 divorce and likely loose the house and kids. But still. A Curt Goodrich custom frame. Mmmmmm


Heath said...

Q's going out of town, but I'm up for going and seeing some bikes just in case I find one I like better than my family.


queasyfish said...

So how was it?

Jared said...

It was good fun. Heath and I met at United Noodles had lunch and road the short distance to the gallery. Since it was the last day it was low key with the builders all hanging out by about 5 bikes each so maybe 30 total bikes. Some pristine, some unpainted, some the every day bike of the builders. It was great to get to know the personalities of the builders better. We didn't get to talk with all the builders but I came away liking Bradley from Capricorns and trusting the skills, workmanship and experience of Curt Goodrich the most.