Thursday, February 21, 2008

Susan is a super hero and so are you

Babies seem really simple. Food, diaper, sleep, warmth, love in the order they are asking for each day. Yet I totally suck at figuring out what babies need and Susan seems to have some kind of Super hero sensing ability at determining what Maya needs. We both try all the things babies like but she seems to be able to see what will work when I am in the dark. I am fascinated with the pockets of Super hero like intelligence each and every one of us has in relation to people around us. Those times when you can see the answer to a problem so clearly when people around you seem blind to it. Examples include, the right spice to add to a meal, the right color choice for a wall, how to work your computer or DVD player, how to merge onto the highway etc....
How are you a super hero amongst your peers?
The pic is by Ella and me on my laptop.

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