Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google street view

Google has mostly finished Minneapolis and Saint Paul on Google street view. Click the title to be taken to a street view shot on the 35W bridge before it fell. If you want to see your house and are unfamiliar with Street view just go to Google, hit the Maps tab on the top of the page, type in your address then hit the street view tab on the map itself. You can hit the street view tab anytime in Google maps to see the areas street view is up and running. They are highlighted in purple. My initial look at the Minneapolis version is disappointing. Compared to San Fran where you can see faces and read street signs when you zoom in the Minneapolis version kind of sucks.

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queasyfish said...

I spent about a half an hour "walking" though my childhood neighborhood just outside of Chicago tonight - visiting my friend's houses, school, parks, alleys, places that - to this day - I still get memory flashes of; all of a sudden I'm standing by those bushes, looking at the neighbor's fence. Pretty frickin' cool to be able to go and look at the actual fence 30 years later from a thousand miles away.