Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ella story/brag for the week

When Ella was about 1 and 1/2 years old and just competent at walking she picked up a spear/sword like stick while I was making my patio at our old house. Once holding this stick she got a very serious look on her face and proceeded to execute about 12 different Conan/ninja like motions as if she had been trained and been doing if for years. She would set her feet firmly just wider than shoulder width centering the sword like object before each move was executed. At the time it happened I wanted to go and get someone else to see it or to film it but didn't want to interrupt the oddity. I tried to get her to repeat it later for Susan but it wasn't the same.
Now a couple of days ago Ella and I began sword fighting with a copper pipe and a wooden arrow in my shop. I start out as slow as anyone would with a 4 year old but quickly realized I could fight like I would with my brother Heath. I repeatedly tried to hit her arrow back and forth before lunging at her belly for the mortal blow with my pipe. Each and every time she instinctively would slash her arrow down toward the floor to knock my lunged pipe away effectively rendering my kill thrust ineffective. This battle went on for some time until I pushed the sword fight to a level where I hit her arrow sword hard enough to snap it in half. At this point I had her stunned enough for me to inflict my pretend lethal blow to her midsection with my copper pipe.

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Mike said...

I now know what to get Ella for X-mas next year...numb-chucks!!!